2013 Annual Report

PeopleForBikes is the movement to improve bicycling in the U.S. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders and elected officials, we’re uniting Americans to boost bicycling on a national level for results that can be seen locally. Here’s what we accomplished in 2013—thanks to your help.


A note on our rebranding


2013 was a transformational year for our organization. We took our three brands and streamlined them into a single, powerful one: PeopleForBikes. Now, individual bike riders know us by the same name that bike companies and private foundations do. This helps connect our online followers to our on-the-ground programs, giving our movement power and clarity.







We’ve made it ¾ of the way to our initial goal of uniting
1 million riders for better biking. Next milestone: 1 million!



Our two events crews reached more than 1 million people at 62 events in 26 states—spreading the good word about bicycling and bringing new riders into the movement. They distributed 26,432 PeopleForBikes pins, stickers and other apparel and delivered 5,992 high fives.

New Belgium Brewing decorated Fat Tire and Ranger beer with the PeopleForBikes logo, encouraging more bike-loving, beer-drinking Americans to join the movement.

Expanded Retailer Program

Bike shops are key to the
movement. Our revamped retailer
program, launched at Interbike, will
help us do more to make bicycling
better in communities coast to
coast by bringing the movement
more members
and donations.

austin1 austin2 austin3

We helped Austin, Texas launch their bike sharing system in December.

National Partnerships
Move Bicycling

We align with national groups that share our goal of getting more people riding bikes. Over the last six years, we’ve invested more than $5 million in these groups.
We’re all in this together!

partner-logos1 partner-logos2 partner-logos3 partner-logos4

Speaking up for
Riders Everywhere


For National Bike Month, we launched a campaign with Volkswagen of America asking drivers and riders to make a promise to travel with compassion. The campaign generated:


#RollTogether pledges


YouTube views

1.3 M

impressions on Facebook and Twitter


pro-bike letters to local newspaper editors


Number of
bikes owned
by staff




We brought reinforcements to local and state groups by activating our 750,000 members on bicycling issues in places like New York City, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, California, Florida, Iowa, Chicago and New Jersey.


PeopleForBikes members aren’t part of any other local or national bike advocacy group.

Bicycling's Benefits

We launched a new website in September 2013. It brings our movement to life with captivating images, highlights our ever-growing content and provides a single online home to all of our programs, making our work more tangible and providing riders with a place to share their bicycling stories.


I was recently diagnosed with diabetes so in order to fight this disease, I thought
I would take up cycling. I started with a mountain bike then upgraded to a road bike. I
bike to work every day and have knocked off about 20 pounds so far. I'll be doing my
first bike tour this summer with a bunch of my buddies; I can't wait.

Frank Gadson - Jersey City, NJ

I ended up losing 35 lbs very quickly and was in the best shape of my adult life.
I started going to the gym, watching what I ate and generally started to live a
healthier and more active lifestyle. I've never looked back.

Darla Woodward - Provincetown, MA

I ride because of all the stress in life. At work, home, even from some "friends"
it just get me away from everything. Every one take advantage of my kindness so riding
is a good way to treat myself to some type of reward. Even let it out right here is
a good stress reliever.

Christian Padilla – Ventura, CA

From the first push on my brothers bike when I was four to now 60, cycling has been with me.
I am lucky enough to ride every day. Four seasons from hot summer days to cold as low as
20. Nothing serves your soul like cycling here in Monkton, Maryland.

Gary Levine – Monkton, MD



During National Bike Month, we partnered with sustainable clothing company Nau on an Instagram campaign called #MyBikeTakesMe. Riders tagged their bike-related photos with #MyBikeTakesMe and showed us all the places, near and far, a bicycle helps them explore. The 1,791 #MyBikeTakesMe pictures demonstrate the way bicycling opens our communities—and our world—to us.


In 2013, Vice President of
Government Relations Jenn
Dice mountain biked down
Tanzania’s 19,310-foot
Mount Kilimanjaro.

first-ride1 first-ride2 first-ride3 first-ride4 first-ride5 first-ride6 first-ride7 first-ride8

Remembering that first ride

In June, we asked our supporters to tell us about their first bike—or the bike that changed their life—in the My First Bike campaign. You shared 1,100 stories and hundreds of amazing vintage photos. The campaign inspired you to remember the freedom and joy you felt when you first discovered bicycling—and how it can still make you feel that way.

Improving Bicycle


2013 marked the second year of the Green Lane Project, our program that helps cities build better bike lanes, creating low-stress streets. We worked closely with leading U.S. cities to speed the installation of protected bike lanes around the country. Our initial focus cities were Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC. We selected six new cities in 2014: Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Indianapolis, IN, Pittsburgh, PA and Seattle, WA.


The number of protected
U.S. bike lanes on the
ground at the end of 2013.

Growth of protected bike lanes
since the start of the project


From when the project launched in 2012 to
the end of 2013, the number of protected bike
lanes on the ground grew from 80 to 142,
nearly doubling over the two-year period.


Number of people who went
on Green Lane Project study
tours in 2013


“Getting the political class to coalesce around the idea of bicycle facilities is not easy. To
get people to see firsthand what is working oversees through these trips is huge.”

Gabe Klein, former Transportation Commissioner, Chicago, IL

“Visiting Holland was a perspective-changing trip. Bicyclists are a member of
the traveling public and they really do belong (on streets).”

Howard Lazarus, Director of Public Works, Austin, TX

“Memphis is very different from the Netherlands in being spread out and car
centric. Even with that, we learned a lot from the trips about how we can come up
with solutions that make sense for Memphis and enhance our community by making it more bicycling friendly.”

George Little, Chief Administrative Officer, Memphis, TN


95% of users on Washington DC's L Street protected bike lane and 90% of users on Austin, TX's Bluebonnet protected bike lane say the new facilities have increased riding safety.

At the end of 2013, we started accepting
applications for six new cities for the next
round of the Green Lane Project.



(means they are at least
exploring protected lanes)

“It's really, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with people who are on the cutting edge of an innovation.” Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund

“I described it as therapy, grad school and summer camp all wrapped up in one delicious pastry" Seleta Reynolds - Livable Streets Section Manager for the City of San Francisco

"On multiple levels, from the staff level to the political support, the way they've set it up, you as a community are backing the vision of getting protected lanes on the ground. That's very powerful." Nathan Wilkes – Associate Engineer for the City of Austin

Grants Program

The Community Grants Program funded 23 projects in 2013, including 2 rail trails, 3 multi-use trails, 1 protected bike lane, 1 mountain bike trail system and multiple miles of traditional bike lanes.

From a new biking trail in Louisville, KY to the first multi-use path in Granger, IN PeopleForBikes grants are helping to build bicycle facilities for young, old and everyone in between.


Our community and national grants awarded total $10 million
and have leveraged $650 million in public and private funding.

Summer Grant Round



Number of
office dogs.


Government Relations

A powerful voice for bicycling

In 2013, our government relations team stayed on top of federal bicycling issues and worked to develop deeper, more powerful links to key members of Congress. We brought bike CEOs to DC to share the positive impact bicycling has on the economy. At the local and state level, we were a catalyst to build business and public support for biking. We also aided local bike groups by amplifying their action alerts to our many members.

The Leslie Bohm Strategy Center
launched in 2013 with 3 new
Colorado-based staff members and
a team of 6 in Washington, DC.


More than 50 non-endemic businesses have joined the PeopleForBikes Business Network, showing that it’s more than just bike businesses that care about better bicycling.


I love working with engaged, passionate advocates. It is so exciting to be able to visit a community and see how the work we are doing at a national level is opening doors for the locals to get projects on the ground.” Kristy Kibler, PeopleForBikes Business Network Events Manager


We invested $115,000 in key local bike projects to cultivate
business and community support for protected bike lanes.

We made sure our nation’s leaders
understood how bikes mean business.


Americans spend $81 billion every year on bicycling
(including gear, accessories, and trips)


Bicycling generates $10 billion in local, state and
federal tax revenues each year


U.S. jobs are supported by bicycling


FOR 2013



Supplier, Manufacturer + Distributor Dues

Bike businesses giving back: Our organization was founded when bicycle companies realized they could do more for biking working together than working apart. The financial support we receive from the U.S. bicycle industry is crucial to our mission of making this country a better place to ride.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Some companies go above and beyond with their support of advocacy—this category reflects contributions outside of supplier, manufacturer and distributor dues.

Employee Pro Purchase Program

When bike shop employees purchase a bike or components from participating companies, they donate an extra $20 to our Community Grants Program. A new bike and new trails to ride it on? Can’t beat that.


Grants: Community + National Advocacy

In addition to the great local projects we support through our Community Grants Program, we invest in other national groups doing important work for biking too. We’re all in this together!

Promoting Bicycling

We promote the general benefits of bicycling through the media and other channels. We also believe there’s huge value in supporting events that convene bicycling leaders and planners to share the latest information on how to make our streets safer and get more people riding.




Foundation Support

Bicycling is a solution to our most pressing societal problems. Large foundations agree, which is why they support our programs to get more kids and adults on bikes.

Corporate + Related

To complement the terrific support from our partners in the bicycle industry, we also attract funding from companies outside the industry who see the value of better bicycling for all. Non-endemic companies like Volkswagen of America, New Belgium Brewing Company and Clif Bar all believe in the power of bicycles to change lives.

Individual + Other Support

This might be you. Thanks for donating…and if you haven’t yet, consider a gift to PeopleForBikes in 2014!


Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Safe routes for kids means safe routes for us all. This program that creates better opportunities for children to ride and walk to school has been housed in our organization since 2006.

PeopleForBikes Campaign

What started as a campaign to reach individual bike riders is now the country's largest bike movement, more than three-quarters of a million riders strong and growing.

Green Lane Project

Every city needs a better bike lane (and lots more of them). The Green Lane Project helps get these projects on the ground through expert guidance and grants.


Our Long Term Goals

PeopleForBikes focuses on improving the bicycling experience for everyone. But our work goes way beyond this general goal. We have developed key measures of progress: We call them 5X.

By 2025, bicycling will be five times better than it is today. That means 5X the number of great places to ride, 5X the resources to build them, and 5X the number of bike rides.


For you, this means more opportunities for appealing bike rides close to home.

To achieve our 5X goals, we concentrate on four things here at PeopleForBikes:

5X. Four things. However you count it, we believe this is important work that benefits all Americans. We hope you agree. Thanks for your support!